The RFID technology enables not only identification of goods, people, animals and objects.

Also the following essential facts make for the advantage of the RFID implementation:

  • Thanks to electronic memory marking with RFID transponders, multiple writing of any data is possible
  • The RFID tags operate in a wide temperature range and are environmentally resistant
  • Transponders are information carriers most difficult to forge, because their producer grants and codes (using RF) the tags at the production phase with a serial number, which can not be modified.
  • Data written by users requires relevant soft- and hardware and can be secured with a password
  • Transponder durability is counted in years and its reading quantity in millions
  • RFID technology has the lowest readability error factor among Auto ID technologies.

RFID solutions have a wide range of users - wherever it is necessary to provide quick information, high readability of data, innovativeness, cost reduction, brand or data protection and safety.

Radio Frequency Identification is applied in the following fields:

  • Stock management
  • Fixed assets register
  • Heath care
  • Public transport
  • Parking systems
  • Transport of goods
  • Permanent or one-time access control to a facility or area (mass events, buildings, cinemas etc.)
  • Non-cash transactions (electronic wallet)
  • Production line management
  • Libraries
  • Rental shops
  • Retail outlets (guarantee cards, customer systems, intelligent shelves)
  • Wholesale outlets (recyclable containers, transport packaging)
  • Sport
  • Brand protection
  • Entertainment industry
  • Processes automation.
  • Jewellery protection
  • And mary others

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