Auto ID is an information technology that enables data entering with relevant equipment and methods. In practice, depending on the needs, different Auto ID methods can be applied: magnetic stripe, Optical Character or Mark Recognition (OCR, OMR),Voice Recognition Systems (VRS), bar codes and radio codes.

Functioning of RFID technology is based on radio frequencies, which in case of commercial applications are standardized for each geographical region (LF; HF; UHF; SHF).

The basic components of the RFID system are: a tag (transponder), a reader and software.

Many types of hardware are available and there are different types of frequencies and standards for different solutions, types and capabilities of implementations. Due to these reasons each of the mentioned components must be relevantly matched with a solution, as well as the user's needs and expectations and the system environment have to be taken into account.

Basic types of RFID
Radio Frequency Identification systems, according to tag source of energy criterion are divided into passive and active systems. Passive tags do not contain their own source of energy. The tag consists of a transmitting-receiving antenna and a chip, in which the memory is installed and, in case of active systems, a battery. Radio waves are used as the recorded information carrier.

Second distinguished criterion is the capability of the stored information. In this classification there are two main tag types. First - Read Only (RO) and Write Once Read Many times (WORM) which are enabling only reading once written in chip data, without modification option. These are one-time writing transponders.

Second type of tags is Read/Write (R/W), which enables modification of the written data. In this group there is also the R/W with password tag type. Those tags have a preliminarily programmed password, that can be changed by user.

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