Our principal activity is to offer consulting and solutions in the area of testing, designing and implementing modern systems of automatic identification based on RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification). We also provide hardware (transponders, readers, readers/writers, printers) for active and passive RFID solutions with frequency range from LF to GHz, what enables reading distances from millimeters to about 100 meters.

Our applications are created as individual solutions. They are adapted to the specific character of the business and to the future environment of the system. We take into consideration the needs, capabilities and expectations of the customer. Our representatives thoroughly select hardware and software, and also integrate solutions with other management applications. The inherent part of the implementation is training of the client's employees.

We offer full service in terms of modifications and improvements along with the changing needs of our customers.

We design applications for enterprises, public and government institutions, branch associations and private customers.

We are at your disposal.

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